Commitment to Financial Aid

Written into CA’s mission statement is a community engaged in a love of learning, a diversity of backgrounds, and a covenant of common trust. Financial aid directly supports the core mission by making CA accessible to the best possible students from a full range of backgrounds, experiences, cultures, languages, and geographic locations. It allows us to provide an enriching education that prepares students to thrive in the world.

As increases in tuition costs continue to outpace the rate of inflation, it is critical that we continue to increase access to financial aid. Every year, we turn away highly qualified students because we lack the aid to support them. These individuals are leaders in their communities, independent thinkers, motivated and driven students who thrive on learning — people who would fit right in here, in other words. Offering more aid to qualified students strengthens the student body and is fundamental to maintaining the school’s excellence into the future.

Access, opportunity, and impact:

The Compound Rewards of Financial Aid

Adil Bahalim ’02 didn’t know what boarding school was when his friend, Peter Li ’02, first told him about Concord Academy. Bahalim was living with his family under the poverty line in the suburbs of Houston, though his grades put him comfortably in the top 1 or 2 percent of his class. …READ FULL STORY