Main Street Revitalization

The corridor of nine historic houses along Main Street represents CA’s front door to our neighbors in Concord and all who pass by. In preparation for our centennial, we are undertaking enhancements to the landscape, lighting, pedestrian access, and the supporting architecture of this Main Street frontage. The landscaping will bring back the character of the gardens maintained by the original families of each home, adding a vernacular to our green spaces that is both cohesive across the campus and specific to each house. These improvements will create a more unified campus and a more distinguishable identity, while honoring the historic character of the residences. A more clearly identifiable campus entrance will also create a more hospitable welcome for our visitors and neighbors.

Similarly, by working in partnership with the town of Concord, improvements in sidewalk lighting and pedestrian walkways will enhance both a more clearly identifiable and welcoming campus entrance, while improving CA’s integration into the surrounding town of Concord. The overall impression will be of a revitalized campus facade that is historic, human in scale, and true to both Concord and to CA.

' I'm proud of our desire to preserve value and history, and not simply to make it completely new.'

– head of school rick hardy