CA Houses

"We use the term houses very intentionally. They don’t function like dormitories. We’re creating a human-scale family atmosphere and trying to preserve and strengthen that."

– head of school rick hardy

Our student houses are as valuable as learning tools as they are living spaces, and they feature prominently in our plan to expand the opportunities for learning outside the classroom.

Over time, the houses will be renovated to improve the balance of boarding students across campus, increase the number of faculty apartments, and expand the common rooms, which will benefit the entire population. By improving these areas and making them available throughout the day, we will create spaces for the sort of small-scale but significant community-building that happens among small gatherings: Imagine affinity groups, study sessions, or simply friends and house faculty gathering to talk about their days in a space that accommodates everyone. These spaces will serve as an extension of our teaching and learning, strengthening the community in meaningful ways.

Changes to the residential houses will improve their accessibility for individuals with disabilities and preserve both the buildings’ historic character and their human scale. Maintaining that scale, which was such a key element in the chapel renovation in 2004–05, is central to the aims of all of these campus projects.


  •  Balance the number of students across houses
  • Expand the size of common rooms
  • Open the common rooms for the residential-life curriculum and access during the day
  • Improve handicap accessibility
  • Increase the number of faculty apartments
  • Preserve the historic nature and human scale

CA HOUSES: Living and Learning

A Community-Centered Renovation Plan Takes Shape

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