Since its founding in 1922, Concord Academy has earned a reputation for intellectual rigor, deep engagement, creativity, and innovation. CA’s core values — love of learning, the celebration of diversity, and an abiding commitment to each other — have never been more relevant. We are grateful to be part of a school that places such value on students, that empowers them to take intellectual risks and make discoveries, and that gives faculty a central role in this endeavor. The promise of this school is to help transform lives through a world-class education and a tight-knight, caring community, and we aim to make good on that promise every day.

In 2014, the Board of Trustees approved a Centennial Plan and in 2017, the CA@100 Task Force took up the charge of imagining CA in 2022 and beyond. These efforts have established a blueprint for academic, programmatic, and capital priorities that will affect every student and every teacher, grounded in preserving the unique identity and culture of CA.

From the overwhelming early response to the Centennial Campaign for Concord Academy, one thing is clear: This is a remarkably dedicated community, infused with a spirit of giving that links generations. Time and time again, in speaking with donors and volunteers, we have been humbled by a shared sense of responsibility for CA’s future. As we celebrate how much we have accomplished already, we continue to think about the CA of tomorrow — and about the opportunity we have to shape this school’s future as we approach our centennial in 2022.

This is a deeply engaging, human enterprise that shapes lives. Sustaining this transformative learning environment requires significant investments. We can’t imagine a better cause, nor can we imagine better stewards for the future of this community than you, the current families and CA graduates around the world.

We are deeply grateful to be in this work together — each and every one of us with an important role to play. With only a few years to CA’s centennial, the time is now to secure the school’s future. We invite you to read more about the priorities and initiatives for this Centennial Campaign. As a community, we will continue to expand what is possible in this remarkable place that we call CA.

Rick Hardy and Kim Williams

Rick Hardy 

Head of School of Concord Academy

Kim Williams P’08,’14

President of the Board of Trustees

We owe it to our students now and our students into the future to be the very best school that we can be. That’s where this plan comes from.

-Head of School Rick Hardy